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February 21, 2008 [feather]
Pride goeth...

For followers of Brandeis University's crazed and policy-violating persecution of political science professor Donald Hindley (who last fall committed the unconscionable crime of explaining, in a course on Latin American politics, that "wetback" is a pejorative term applied to Mexican immigrants), the question is: How much longer can the Brandeis administration maintain the charade that it has done nothing wrong?

Brandeis students think the actions taken against Hindley--who was found guilty, without due process, of harassment, on the basis of anonymous complaints; who was sentenced to sensitivity training; who had a monitor placed in his classroom; and who was threatened with termination--is nuts.

The faculty thinks the Brandeis administration is way out of line, too.

FIRE has gotten involved. And last week ACTA wrote to Brandeis' board, urging it to step in and settle this mess once and for all.

At this point, the board should not only be looking at exonerating Hindley and sanctioning the administrators who hung him out to dry, but should also be launching a wider investigation into how Brandeis administrators have been applying the policy that was (mis)used to convict Hindley. It should also be thinking about abolishing its speech codes and finding a way to avoid the lawsuit that its overzealous administrators have invited.

posted on February 21, 2008 11:30 AM

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